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Soft skills are often considered an entry-level need. But employers — including directors and supervisors — need access to soft skills too. Why it matters: Soft skills are hard to define, but we can tell when they are lacking. They can make or break our collective ability to work together effectively.

Think about it: Have you ever liked your work but considered leaving for another job because you didn’t like your boss’s management style? Yes, and: Retention becomes a concern in these work environments, especially as the country sees an unprecedented number of workers quitting and moving to other jobs. Bottom line: We are beyond the days of “because I give you a paycheck, I treat you well.” What WFS is doing about it: In partnership with Metrix Learning, Workforce Solutions Capital Area just launched a new, free online learning platform available to all Austin-Travis County residents.

Metrix Learning offers 6,000+ courses in many industries and fields fit for any work environment to continue furthering your hard and soft skills.

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What is SkillUp™ Capital Area?

Workforce Solutions Capital Area is excited to offer a free electronic training (eTraining) experience through Metrix Learning. Through this online learning portal, you will be able to refresh your existing skills and learn new ones that will help ensure your success in the ever-changing employment market.

SkillUp™ Capital Area is designed to help the eligible residents of Travis county to build a workforce ecosystem that supports positive economic development. Job seekers can explore career pathways, view local job postings, register for free online learning, and receive workforce services. Employers can search for qualified candidates, post jobs, and receive in-depth consulting to address hiring and training needs