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Why soft skills should go beyond entry-level workers

Soft skills are often considered an entry-level need. But employers — including directors and supervisors — need access to soft skills too. Why it matters: Soft skills are hard to define, but we can tell when they are lacking. They can make or break our collective ability to work together effectively.

Think about it: Have you ever liked your work but considered leaving for another job because you didn’t like your boss’s management style? Yes, and: Retention becomes a concern in these work environments, especially as the country sees an unprecedented number of workers quitting and moving to other jobs. Bottom line: We are beyond the days of “because I give you a paycheck, I treat you well.” What WFS is doing about it: In partnership with Metrix Learning, Workforce Solutions Capital Area just launched a new, free online learning platform available to all Austin-Travis County residents.

Metrix Learning offers 6,000+ courses in many industries and fields fit for any work environment to continue furthering your hard and soft skills.

For more information click here:https://www.wfscapitalarea.com/blog/why-soft-skills-should-go-beyond-entry-level-workers/